Gucci Britt


    I'm thinking about getting this. It'll be my first gucci bag! I'm thinking about using it for work. It's simple, yet sophisticated! Though I'm worried it might be too small to fit all the junk I always carry in my bag. Opinions? Yes, no? I also read a thread relating to black leather Gucci bags.... should I be worried about the leather fading?
  2. Not sure about the fading, but I got this one in cream (with a white/gold/white web between the double Gs, see my avatar) a week ago and it's perfect for work! I absolutely love it, the leather is so soft. The thing I love about it most is that it can go with just about everything. I'd say get it!
  3. i've always loved this purse. Very sophisticated like you've mentioned. Definately a :tup: from me!!!