Gucci Britt Tote From Paris!

  1. [​IMG]...My new baby....LOL...It was a SUPER deal too it came out saving me ALOT of money to buy it in Paris.( I paid 450 Euros and get 13 % back!!)
    Wore it yesterday....LOVE it..wish I bought it in another color too....HEE!HEE!
    BTW...The new Pink cruise line is has a butterfliy charm on it...Im kicking myself for not getting a pink one too!!SNIFF!!LOL!
  2. Congrats! I love this bag!
  3. oooh i love this one too :biggrin: you really did some good shopping in paris :P
  4. Oh I LOVE this tote!!!!!!! It's soooooooo cute with the hardware in the bottom corner...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  5. WOW!!! that is a GREAT deal!!! Congratulations! isn't it soooooo nice to take out? Way good looking and useful!
  6. I love this tote.

  7. Congrats.
  8. Very pretty tote! Congratulations!
  9. beaaaautiful ...
  10. congrats:yes:
  11. Super Cute!!!!!!!!
  12. congrats jill!i love it!
  13. What a fabulous souvenir from Paris! Glad you got a deal too! I'm so jealous, you have this and the new medallion bag! Such a lucky gal...