Gucci Britt - thoughts please!?

  1. I tried on the Britt in black leather at NM last weekend and was so taken with it. I usually don't like logo bags - but the leather was so soft, and it seemed like it would be a nice shoulder bag (all my b-bags are more arm bags). Is this a new style, or one that has been done before? Will be the "slouch" a lot with use? Does anyone actually use the longer sling strap?

    I'm a total Gucci virgin - so I was hoping for some advice of feedback about this style bag from them.

    (it's this one):
    Gucci -  Britt- Medium Top Handle -  Neiman Marcus

  2. Hi beauxgoris :smile: - I just bought britt in black - I have used it every day since i bought it. It's such a lovely bag!! I use the short straps and the longstrap too. The short straps fits my shoulder too. The leather has already gone a little softer, even though it was very soft as new. :heart:
    You can see my pictures here:
  3. Hi, that is a great bag. I don't have this particular stlye but I own a few GUCCI's just from experience I am sure with time this bag will get softer (as it is already soft) and softer. The bag is awsome. I love the hardware and the ability to be able to carry it as a messenger or a tote.:flowers:
  4. Hey Beaux, I have been LUSTING after this bag ever since Goldensx5 got her's back in late July. You should check out her thread for more pics...

    I have tried it on too, and I loved it! I like the short handles/messenger strap combo, which seems very "big" this fall. (Several Prada/Miu Miu bags have that combo; so does the YSL Rive Gauche.)

    I say: BUY IT!
  5. I have it in Brown.....and I use both straps..The longer one is great when im shopping and carrying alot of things...Im seriously considering buying it in black this bag is truly a fave of mine!
  6. love it...will get it if it goes on sale in Dec./Jan...they may be gone by then though..All my Gucci's I have gotten on sale so, I tend to hold off...gorgeous bag will probably be gone by end of season sale!!!
  7. ^^GG- Do they go on sale at NM or at the Gucci store? I don't think i'll be able to hold out that long - but i'd love to know for future reference!

    Thanks for all think links and thoughts on the bag. I'm still loving it!!!!
  8. ^ That bag is almost sold out already..It wont be there at sale time..I guarantee it.
  9. I don't have an opinion on the tote ... but I am shocked that I LOVED the medium shoulder bag when I tried it on at Saks. Doesn't look that impressive in pictures, but the leather is fab and the logo, strangely, is chic and retro at the same time. Plus I love the tassel.

  10. Does it have an open or zip top? I've tried to find the answer to this in the forum but with no luck. What kind of closure is it?
  11. I have this exact bag and love it for the same reasons you did when you saw it (the leather & slight sheen on this black bag is INCREDIBLE; the style itself is unique; it fits so much 'stuff'; the detailing of the bag is gorgeous from the straps to the little buckles with 'gucci' written on them; & I love wearing bags messenger style which this one provides). I was a bit worried about the double G's but (1) where I live no one will recognize it is an intertwined backward & Gucci symbol (2) it adds to the bag otherwise it would just be a nice black leather tote (3) you can wear it to the other side if you want. Also, the more you use the bag, the smooshier it gets. Mine will actually sit on its own now when I sit it down (don't need to lean it up against anything). Let us know what you decide!
  12. Thank you for the review Goldens - i'm saving my pennies!
  13. Now I'll have to try this one on!

    Love most of these bags- I'm probably going to get the Brit medium shoulder bag. Still haven't decided though.
  14. This is a great bag. I have tried it on IRL and almost got it (on my list though). I think it's a classy bag.

    Enjoy and Congrats.
  15. I think it's GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it...especially the leather and the hardware...BUY IT!!!