Gucci Britt Shoes

  1. What do you ladies think of this shoe? Is it more of a "trendy" shoe that will be out of style next season? or do you think its more timeless and will remain classic?

  2. I think you'll be able to wear it for years to come.
  3. Great! thats what i was hoping, My husband suprised me for my birthday last weekend and bought them for me! :smile:
  4. It's gorgeous!! It looks like a classic
  5. WOW! Yes, definitely a classic!
  6. def. classic;)
  7. I agree! They are classic and you will be able to wear them for years.
  8. Classic!
  9. Thanks for all your reaffirming words about this shoe! My husband picked it out and I was a little hesitant at 1st....but I will def. praise him for his good taste! :smile:
  10. Classy shoes, I love them.
  11. I saw these at NM and the woman buying a pair kept saying how comfy they were! So cute!love them!:heart:
  12. Classic. =)
  13. Those shoes are gorgeous! I think they are classic. The patent leather keeps coming back. I bought two pairs of patent leather shoes two years ago, and I am glad I kept them since now they are back in style.
  14. Classic. I love them!
  15. theyre a classic and will never go out of style....they come out also as flats and in gold....simply gorgeous!!:love: