Gucci Britt Medium Hobo bag

  1. I remember this bag from 2007 collection and I just bought one on eBay. It will be shipped to me soon. I have a question though about its description and hope someone could help me here. Here's the link to the bag I stumbled upon on my google search:

    I've seen this bag before and I remember it having a magnetic snap closure instead of top zip closure as stated on the description. If there's anyone here who has this bag please let me know which one is it. I have this feeling that the zip closure is fake and the button snap closure is authentic. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm waiting to receive the bag I recently purchased on eBay cause I couldn't ask the seller about what the top closure of the bag is, since the auction is already over. It doesn't show on the pics with her listing but she has 100% feedback and said she bought the bag herself in Italy. She has a receipt of the purchase. Here's the seller's link:

    I'll appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!
  2. Hi there!Had this bag 2 years ago. Mine was with the snap closure.:smile: try to keep in touch with the seller.My friend has the brown trim as well with a snap closure.

  3. hi ceepee08! thank u. i received the bag but it wasn't new like the seller claimed (had dirt and small scratches on leather piping) so i returned it and got my money back. i was very disappointed cause i really liked the bag. it does in fact have a snap closure. oh btw...can u pls ask your friend if her bag lining has a stripey fabric material in it? i missed to get this one last time which was new but take a look at the lining - it's plain brown. i was told by the authenticator here that it was authentic though:

    i didn't get a chance on that bag cause it was sold for BIN :sad: so i found another one (pls. see below) i'm watching it right now. take a look at the lining, it has stripes! i'm kind of confused if this is normal with gucci bags or what ---that they could make different fabric linings with the same bag color (?) or could either one of them fake? i'm confused cause both sellers claim they are authentic.

    here's another one:

    and the ivory one that i returned did have stripey lining! i'm just wondering...i'll appreciate your help. thanks :smile:
  4. Hi there! My Gucci Britt has the stripey lining (not with me anymore) i'm not sure with the brown one if the lining is the same:sad: Post photis of the Gucci you are eyeing at in Authenticate this Gucci:smile: They are nice and will reply just make sure you follow the format.:smile:
  5. hi, thanks for the quick response. that's where i hang out all the time - the authenticate this forum! :smile: i was asked not to give specifics there cause copycats are reading them also so i pm'd the authenticator about my concern cause she asked me to pm her... but she hasn't responded yet. i think they only authenticate there based on the gucci tags. i don't know...have to wait and see. i wonder if your friend's brown britt has plain brown or stripey lining...

    if anyone here has this bag in brown pls let me know if yours have stripes or plain brown fabric lining. thanks!
  6. No worries!:smile: I'll update you abt my friend's bag:smile:
  7. Mine has Plain brown lining and it was bought from! I just put it up for sale on eBay :smile: