Gucci Britt Dialux Opinions

  1. Anyone like the new Gucci Brrtt Dialux med tote from the Cruise collection $870. I'm new to Gucci , bought it in black yesterday and not sure ......saw the reviews where soem thought it was plastic looking... love to get your thoughts
  2. It is not my favorite, but I haven't seen it in person so go look at in person and see if it speaks to you.
  3. post a link from, im not familiar with the cruise collection's names yet :p
  4. i like it!!
  5. it does look kinda plastic. but i still like it
  6. The Britt is a great choice. I didn't really like the dialux fabric on first impression because it looked kind of plasticy, but then again, it must be pretty low maintenance, sort of the equivalent of Prada's nylon maybe?
  7. good choice with the black!!!
  8. What material is Dialux?

  9. I like it! I've been eyeing a different tote with the same material. It does look a little plasticy, but I think it's probably pretty durable. Let us know how you like it if you keep it!
  10. eeehhhhh not a huge fan. But on the right person.....
  11. what is the dialux ...................can someone tell