Gucci Britt Canvas Tote (sale/coupon?)

  1. I want to get the Gucci Britt Canvas Tote...I think it's like 700 @Saks, but unfortunately this week's coupon excludes Gucci! Does anyone know if any promotion will be available in the future?
  2. Saks has Electronic Gift Card (EGC) Events every so often. They just had one Oct. 18. It's a one day event where you "spend some, get some". Meaning the more you spend, the larger gift card you get.

    If you do a search in the "deals and steals" forum there are several threads that explain it better.

    Otherwise, I think the Gucci sale is in December, but this bag probably won't go on sale.
  3. When you go to the, the New Britt collection is under Classics category, meaning it won't go on sale unless they discontinue it :sad: New Britt is pretty new and probably won't be discontinued for a couple more years. It's very popular too.

    Also, this bag has been widely counterfeited and those on eBay are 99% fake. Just like the Jesscia Simpson's bag.
  4. thanks for your input~ I"ll just buy it @Saks
  5. Should I not get it if there's too much fakes out there?
  6. Get it if you like it! What matters is if you like it or not. Good luck!