Gucci Brit Medium Bag 50% off at NM

  1. so tempting...
  2. How do you find the sales on the NM website? I can't pull it up without a link.

    Thanks for posting!
  3. If only it wasn't patent....I would love it in regular leather..
  4. :pTotally agree - if only it were regular leather:drool:
  5. I would love this bag in reg. leather too. I am not a fan of patent.
  6. Yeah, me neither! It scratches easily and the scratches are more noticeable.
  7. would buy in a second if it was not patent.
  8. OMG so beautiful, but not deep enough for me - it's too flat. Plus, the patent....
  9. It is sooo pretty...agree with all you ladies. not a huge fan of the patent.
  10. You have to have the link bookmarked, and check it every once in awhile to see if it goes on sale.
  11. I think the patent in structured bags look great. Unfortunately, I'm not loving that style but it might look hot IRL since NM usually don't do their bags justice.
  12. Yeah suferchick you're right. I've bought a few bags from NM online and they never look like they do in the photo.
  13. Same here! I would like it in regular leather.
  14. oh, okay. thanks!!! :yes: