gucci box

  1. i was reading in the lv thread that people have to ask the sa for a box for the bags. now does gucci have a box for the bag as well? or dustbag only? please advise. thanks
  2. I've always gotten a box when I've purchased from Gucci. I think the SA have done this automatically... But I might have asked for a box. The bag will also come with a dustbag.
  3. thanks for sharing! i didn't get a box when i got my bag 2 weeks ago :cry:
    and it seems super silly to go back to ask for one... oh well
  4. I'd call and ask. It doesn't hurt!
  5. tell them you want a gift box...they usually give it if they know your giving the item as a gift
  6. when i bought my gucci last week i didnt get a box, only a dustbag. maybe it depends on the SA?
  7. I've always gotten a box with my purchases but I had to ask.
  8. Ditto.
  9. same here in italy. they give you the box only if you ask, otherwise only the dust bag.
  10. Is it the same boxes as the boxes for wallets and accessories? I have never gotten a box with my purse purchases (didn't even occur to me to ask!).
  11. i only get boxes (without asking for one) when i buy accessories -scarf, necklace, cellphone holder, bag tag, etc. :smile:

    all my gucci bags came with only the dustbag... i even have 2 gucci bags without a dustbag! one is a toiletries bag and the other is a small sling bag. the SA told me those two don't really come with dustbags. :sad:
  12. i was never given a box so i guess you have to ask. When i bought mine from the store They only gave me a dustbag. Ive never even gotten care books from the stores. kinda disappointing, but all i got was an envelope for the receipt and a business card and a dustbag.
  13. I always get a box when I order on the website; it always is mailed in a box even sometimes with pretty green and red striped ribbon around it. I always feel like I am getting a present delivered. Definitely a better presentation than when I have bought something in the store.
  14. can you just walk into a store and ask for a box? what about for Gucci? Thank you so much!!
  15. I answered your question in the thread you started on this (the same) question.