Gucci Box ? and Sale Purchase!!!

  1. So I went to Gucci in Scottsdale today, I had called on Wednesday to reserve the Gucci Wave Hobo in Blue Floral when I got there it ended up that the bag get reduced again and was $358!!!!!!!! From the sale price of $539! I was so excited thats 60% off of the original price of $895! I'll post pics later:yahoo:

    Now heres my question when you buy a bag from Gucci do you get a box with it???? I only got the dust cover over the bag which was just put in a gucci shopping bag? I didn't realize until I was out of the store, I know this sounds dumb but if i go to a boutique i like getting the whole shebang like the box, bag, tissue, shopping bag...
  2. OMG what a good buy!!!!
  3. at gucci I always have to request a box. congrats on your buy, can't wait to see pics.

  4. OMG! the bag got reduced even more??? better give me price adjustment. :rolleyes: Thanks for the info hun.:heart:
  5. CONGRATS! I love reduced items! But I love FURTHER reduced items even moree!!

    About the box, when I recently bought a bag on sale, they gave me the bag, in the box with tissue paper and the shopping bag. They forgot to give me the dust bag!!

    I didn't realize it til I got home (I was way too excited!), I called them and was able to go pick up the dust bag.

    You should call them, tell them it's a gift and you'd like a box for it. =)
  6. They normally do NOT give you a box. Only the last purse I bought there did I get a box and that is only becuase I asked (she was not happy about it either) Their boxes are not that special. Not like my LV boxes.
  7. like beljwl says, the boxes aren't that special, i doubt they'll withstand any weight on them for long like LV boxes do.

    i did receive boxes with my items tho, its annoying and a shame that you spend money on a high end product and fail to receive every piece of everything with it! i mean cmon. we're not spending 20 bucks here, plez don't forget things... lolol. (lv forgot to give me a box.. good thing i came back for it. their boxes are the shizzle)
  8. ohhhh im so jealous...i miss the scottsdale store sooo much, cant wait to visit them in july!! Im sure if you ask theyll give it to you! they are bunches of sweeties there! :smile:

    whos ur sa?

  9. I don't have a designated SA, when I went in everyone is so nice!! I like them all :smile: hahaha

    And thanks everyone! If the box is nothing special I won't even bother, no point I'm just happy with my bag :smile:!

    I'm posting pics later today... I promise!!! Modeling pics and everything! Sit tight! :smile:
  10. Congrats! i didnt get a box when i bought my bag...:sad:
    is the further markdown only in US? i just got my bag two days ago...sigh...LOL;
  11. Congrats on a steal of a bag! Can't wait to see pics. I shop at that same boutique and I've never been given a box. I just never care to ask either. It's more clutter in my closet. I have to save that room for more bags. :graucho:
  12. hehe thats true they are all sweeties! congrats on the bag and i CANT wait to see it! :smile:
  13. wow, that is such a good deal!!!! i hope that there is a further markdown at my nearest gucci store!!!
  14. Okay now I know I said I'd post pics today but I haven't been able to locate a camera. When I do, the pics will be up asap!!! :smile:
  15. I was at my local Gucci store this afternoon and was checking out the sale section for the additional reductions. The matching blue flora (wave) wedge sandals/espadrilles have now been marked down to $179, which is 60% off the retail price. Currently, only has these sandals available in the fucshia color though: