Gucci Bouvier Large Hobo @ 50% off on NM

  1. still there, someone get it!!
  2. Still there!!!!
  3. great price, just not sure if I like the front. love the shape.
  4. so beautiful! someone pleassse get it and post pics!
  5. wow! i'm in love!
  6. Still there! Great price.
  7. It's an amazingly beautiful bag and SCREAMS LUXURY! The front of the bag is tastefully done - there's nothing blingly about the metal. Saw a tan one IRL and I just swooned.....if it weren't for the fact that I have enough tan or black bags - I would be all over this! I think it's a classic, timeless bag. Yes, someone get it!!!!
    OMG - and the suede on this bag - the most beautiful suede I have ever seen!!!!