Gucci boutiques in Chicago?

  1. Where is the Gucci boutique in Chicago? Is it the one that's part of the Bloomingdale's on Michigan Avenue or is there also another one?

    Also, does anyone know if then Sak's and Nordstrom stores in Chicago sell Gucci handbags?

    When I checked the Gucci website, it only listed the one that's part of Bloomingdale's/in the same building (they have the same address). I wasn't sure if that meant that was the only actual Gucci boutique, or if it meant it was the only place that sells Gucci at all (meaning Sak's and Nordstrom here dont).

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Yes the Gucci boutique is the next to the Bloomingdales on 900 N Michigan Ave. I got my bag there and the SA's were sooo nice! The Saks in downtown also sells Gucci as does Neiman. I don't think any of the Nordstroms do in Chicago. Hope that helps!!
  3. Thank you! :smile: