Gucci Boutique Sale June 6

  1. I just received a note in the mail stating Gucci sale will startTuesday, June 6. By any chance do they do presales?
  2. Yes!
    Check out the Gucci subforum.
  3. yes they do started about a week and a half ago
  4. Yes they do! Hurry.
  5. Just got back from Vegas and they have tons of stocks for the sales item!!! if you don't see the item available in your local store, you should give them a call. I was able to get a matching wallet that was sold out at my home store.

    I went to the Forum shops at Caesar's, the SA who helped me was called Paul Do. He is sooo extrmely nice, the # is 702-369-7333.
  6. I went on the website this morning but there are no sales, am I missing something?
  7. Did you notice if the LARGE charms tote was on sale?
  8. ^nope
  9. no pink wallets? argh!! i wanted a matching pink wallet for my bag.