Gucci Boston Canvas Bag: Keeping the Canvas Clean

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  1. Hello
    Here's a link to the Gucci Canvas bag that I've been thinking about getting. I just love this bag even though it not a leather purse.

    What steps can or should I take in order to keep the canvas and the strip fabric looking good on this purse for years to come? Would scotch guard bet good enough or it there another brand of fabric protector that is better? What about Guardsman and Vectra? Any thoughts or suggestions with be greatly appreciated.

    thank you,
  2. How about baby wipes, just an idea, not too strong
  3. Okay thanks
  4. There are videos on UTUBE but I would be wary. I would contact Gucci and follow their suggestions. I am trying to find a place to have my vintage canvas 1980's Gucci "Flora" shoulder bag cleaned. I don't know how it got so dirty sitting in a cloth bag in my closet!;)
  5. Thank You. I called Gucci/
  6. I just found this tube video. but it isn't in english