Gucci boston bags -- yay or nay?

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Gucci boston bags --> do you think the style is here to stay?
    What do you think--> is it classic, trendy, or passe? Thanks
  2. Classic. Kind of..

    But Gucci bags themselves - questionable at best.
  3. Yay, I like the 3rd one.
  4. I'd say...Yay, because the Boston style bags has been very popular (profitable) for Gucci, they've just redesigned them every season. I almost got the third one. I've got an earlier style and I still love it!
  5. I think there's something classic about this shape. I like them. I don't own one,though, and I wonder about how they actually carry. The look a bit shaped and bulky, for easy carrying. But I do like them.
  6. I have the 3rd one. I have had it for 4 months and I have not carried it yet!!! I love the looks of it but its HUGE!!! Its such a gorgeous bag though.
  7. Love them, but the large is huge. Reminds me of luggage when I tried it on.
  8. Definitely a yay ..... a good investment ... a classic.
  9. Yay, I have the black velvet horsebit one that was in the F/W 05 ads. It's really easy to carry for a satchel, easy to get in and out of, and has metal feet on the bottom
  10. Yay, love the 3rd one. :smile:
  11. I love that bag its so unique i have the 3rd one and i love the suede linning in this purse.
  12. Definitely yay! I think they are beautiful.
  13. Yay ! I don't think they're "classic" but certainly they won't go out of style for several years, I've always liked Gucci !
  14. I don't understand the post about Gucci bags being "questionable at best".
  15. yay on the third one.