Gucci Boston Bag

  1. Does anyone have a 'gucci boston doctor's bag'? (I think
    that is what it is called anyway) If so, could you please post
    some pictures? Because I want to buy one from eBay but I
    would like some pictures so that I could try to authenticate
    it myself
  2. so that's nobody then?
  3. You have to be more specific.. there are several kinds of boston doctor's bags... do you have a serial number or a stock photo?
  4. hope this helps
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 100.jpg
  5. Thank you very much. Is there the word gucci on the lock & key part of the bag? What does the inside look like?
  6. Oh i LOVE those!!
    but there are tonz of fakes on eBay and the one u posted looks fake too :sad:
    *look at the strip. the strip on Sunshine's pic has stiches on the white part but the one on ebay doesnt.
  7. I didn't even notice that.:shame: