Gucci & Bluefly

  1. Bluefly has the Princy Medium Tote listed on their site for $876 (Retail 1,095) when Gucci sells it online for $785!! What's the deal? Are they deliberatly lying or is it a different bag? The bag on bluefly looks like the Princy Medium Tote on

  2. I don't really know for sure, but I think some of the PFers said that Bluefly fibbed on the retail prices quite a few times..I think they were able to get price adjustments..
  3. I would have never even realized except I was checking out some totes on yesterday.

    Pretty sneaky on bluefly's part....:tdown:
  4. Besides the price difference, I have heard shady things about Bluefly and authenticity in the past! It has gotten to the point where I have sworn never to buy from them, like I have done with eBay. If you are dismayed by this information, please search around on the forum about them before you make a purchase. I would not want to make you miss out on a good(?) deal! Good Luck!!!
  5. Its so hard when you want to buy pieces that are no longer made!!! Anyone have any suggestions for good websites?
  6. that's sneaky!
  7. I got a gucci beltbag on bluefly for a decent price and it checks authentic against the beltbag I got at the Gucci boutique. You have to know your prices though.. I have seen bluefly prices higher than retail...
  8. the princy doesn't have a zipper, right?
  9. I have seen some dodgy posts about bluefly in other forums / threads also. Be wary...
    Anyone heard any neg about Jomashop??? Looking at buying from there....
  10. I have the princy medium boston tote and it has a zipper.

    I don't buy from any place but the boutiques.