Gucci blue wave hobo?

  1. What do you all think about this bag? Personally, I think it is very pretty but not so "gucci" and it probably wont come out next summer. I am debating whether to get one or not. I've never seem the bag in 'person'. Could some one share a picture carrying this bag? Thank you!
  2. I just it at the woodburry outlets and its not amazing at all in person. I don't like the colour depth of the blue flowers. They look painted on....
    They did have other wave hobo bags in stock, as well as a LOT of other bags to choose from! This is as of last Monday!
  3. Thanks! How much was it? Do you remember...
  4. I think it's very different than the classic monogram one. It's just perfect for the summer. And i think it's very unique and the blue flowers print is so exquisite. I use it as an everyday bag. Cuz I wear jeans 3 or 4 times a week and the blue flora blends in perfectly with jeans. I can throw the bag around with out worry about it gets any scratches.:p Also, the price right now is too good to be true. It's a great bargain. So go for it girlfriend. Dont forget the matching wallet and wedge too. ;)

    ***Go see the GUCCI SALES THREAD!! It's around $357 at Cabazon Outlet. If you need one, ask for Stacy.****
  5. I have it and love love love it!!!!! Its a great bag, like Angelicious said its great with jeans! I really recommend it!
  6. it's actually a pretty bag, and it on sale so go grab it!
  7. I too think its very pretty! Call the outlet and they will ship it to you!
  8. not one of my favs.
  9. I think it is really pretty but I wonder how long I would really use it. Does it have staying power (i.e. will I wear this a couple years down the road?)
  10. I just bought it at Saks 2 days ago and am wondering if I should keep it as well. It was for $357. Great deal, but I'm wondering if I was just swayed by the price. I do like the Wave style. Just not sure about the color. I imagine it would look great with jeans. Any other thoughts?
  11. If you are asking then I don't think you are 100% convinced and the$357 can go towards something else!
  12. You're totally right--I'll put it towards another Gucci. I love that new Signoria. Thanks!

  13. I think you should bring your bag in for a price adjustment. I just got my bag (again) for $268. I had quite a story with this floral hobo. Thought I gave up on this bag already, but now I even got it for a much lesser price. Like people always said "what's your is yours" ;) Anyway, hope you can get your PA. GL.
  14. OMG...$268:nuts: THATS FABULOUS!!!! I would definately get this bag for that price:yes:....
  15. Did you get it at Saks, too? That's an even bigger temptation to keep it!