Gucci Blooms at TJ Maxx

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  1. Hello everyone! I was at my local TJ Maxx yesterday browsing the Runway section and I spotted a Gucci Blooms Supreme Mini Chain bag for $699. I purchased it but now I am having second thoughts. I asked the manager who unlocked the bag for me if it was authentic and she said yes, but I am still a little in doubt.

    This is my first Gucci purse so I am not as well versed in spotting a fake as I would be with LV. I went on to the Gucci website and the first thing to get my attention is the interior of the purse I bought is tan and the photo online shows a red/pink color. The other thing is the dust bag is not the silky version I see people talking about. Otherwise everything is perfect, the hardware, flower placement, etc.

    Should I bring it to Gucci to see if they authenticate? As I said this is my first Gucci so any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ok, well quick update. I went to Gucci and the SA said that they do not authenticate. She did however tell me that she had been in the same TJ Maxx and saw the bag that I purchased. She said I had nothing to worry about and that she looked the bag over herself while in TJ Maxx and determined it was real. The lining of my purse is exactly the same as those in the store and the discrepancy is just with an online image which the SA said was not accurate. So I think this story ends well.

    Mods, please feel free to close this thread now. TIA.
  3. Pics and/or modeling pics when you get a chance. I love this line so much and would love to see the bag.:cool:
  4. I bought my Gucci blooms mini chain bag at TJ Maxx it came with everything including the blooms box etc.
  5. Glad the SA was able to ease your mind

    Do you want to show everyone your bag? I think you got everyone interested now :graucho:
  6. I wonder why these new bags are ending up there???
  7. I'm not sure...I can speculate but what's the point. I do know that our Gucci store in SF is now closed. Sad. I was hoping to get the new reversible GG bloom tote in blue there.

    I actually like Gucci so much more now, starting over 3 years ago. Their seasons have been more and more exciting to me. The items from "Age of Adaline" were stunning and some of the dresses this year are just amazing.
  8. Hi all, yes, I would love to share a modeling pic! I will do so first thing tomorrow.
  9. It is odd. I see some new things (this season) on YOOX like the new sneakers with croc trim. Not they're much cheaper than the store's full price but still

  10. It's not at every TJ Maxx. The one n south beach has a huge selection of high end handbags of which some can be purchased online
  11. I can't speak for Dextersmom enquiry, but for me the riddle is why these new season/current items are in outlet stores? So far these items are apparently in high demand at full price at Gucci stores/cons and have never yet been discounted anywhere. Past seasons I can totally understand.
  12. The best guess is the fact that the luxury fashion market is in trouble. Gucci is still having problems with declining sales. Also if you ask some of the SA's most of them will agree that the new RTW isn't something that most people are wanting. Does it look good on the runway? Yeah it looks good on the runway, but not as good on non model bodies and most people don't think the style is for them. In America at least.

    Anyways most luxury brands are follow Ralph Laurens lead, TJ Maxx is the number one distributor of RL. Even Tom Ford is selling on TJ Max's website.

    This is just my opinion but I feel like it's the most logical one.
  13. Interesting...I will have to check out their website. Thanks. :heart:
  14. The only downside is you'll never see stuff as discounted as you will in stores. But you'll never find anything fake unless someone bought and returned a fake one. You might find a factory reject or something small wrong with it. The reason why tj max is so cheap is because they don't send stuff back to the manufacture if it doesn't sell. They sell it no matter what, so they get a lower price.

    I saw all of these bags at two different tj max's two weeks ago. One had two and the other had one. The tote was around $1200 on clearance, and the other 2 were around $800.

    You have to remember the average TJ Max shopper can't afford these items, and most people don't think about checking tj max. But if they have a "the runway" store near you it's worth the drive.
  15. I saw the prices in TJ MAXX as more expensive than sale prices at Saks and other department stores