Gucci Bloom Rainboots

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  1. I really love the pink blooms pattern but have been hesitating...

    Saw these rainboots and thought they were beautiful.

    My hubby thinks they are far to loud for my style...I can see what he means - but I think it might be love...

    I am considering taking the plunge with these rainboots....

    What do you think about them?

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  2. I think they are very pretty and a bit whimsical because I rarely see rainboots with floral design on them. I have to say Gucci does the best floral print out of many designers. You can rock these with a great pair of dark skinny jeans.
  3. I agree that Gucci does do the best florals...hard to pass up
  4. Thumbs up from me too, especially in the rain

    Don't leave it too late though, these are going to be such a big hit during (music) festival season
  5. They look great! I might have to seek out a pair myself -- I didn't see them on the Gucci site, but will look in their store. Do you remember what the price was?
  6. Gorgeous is what I think. :love:
  7. The price is 570.00. Love them also.
  8. They are $685 cdn. Pricey but so lovely. Glad to know im not the only one who thinks they are beautiful!
  9. Love love love! Give me anything Gucci with a floral pattern and I am a happy lil' lady.
  10. Saw these today. Love em
  11. They are so lovely! I could have used them for the month of May in the DC area!
  12. I think they are lovely!
  13. I love the floral print!