Gucci Blondie

  1. I have been desperately searching for a Gucci "blondie" style bag in black with the classic green/red stripe. Any suggestions, ladies??? thankssssss:heart:
  2. eBay is my only suggestion. I have it in red and green but I have seen it come up in black on eBay but it is very rare. Good luck! P.S. Of course have it authenticated here before you bid.
  3. yep, feEbay for you honey.:p
  4. Good luck finding it. It is a beautiful bag.
  5. I guess she either wants the hobo-style or boston, because I dont think the square shape came with a stripe.

    That auction looks legit, but $380 BIN, seems too good to be true. Something's fishy.
  6. that handbag is so FAKE
  7. The sad part is someone bid on it, what a waste of money for that person

  8. ladies...lets try to help and report that listing