Gucci Blondie

  1. Looking for a Gucci Blondie in black. Does anyone know where I can start?
  2. I would say E-bay b/c its not available in the stores anymore. Or you can check out the New Britt line very similar to the blondie collection but some newer designs.
  3. Ebay is overrun with fakes of this bag.

    You'll be very, very hard-pressed to find an authentic one there.
  4. But at the same time there are members on this forum who have found authentic ones. I think her name is Aalabamma (sp). She is always posting about the good and the bad ones. I would recommend doing that before pruchasing.:smile:
  5. Janicemph, yes, I saw your post in the "Show Your Gucci Collection" thread and responded to include a pic of my new white webbed blondie that i recently found on Ebay with the help of a few PFers, especially aaallabama. (I love her!) She was great in helping me find one including what details to look for in its authenticity. Just don't give up on your search!-If I was able to find one, you can too!!!!
  6. I didn't say it was impossible...just many, many more fakes than real and it will be a bit of a challenge to find the real deal.

    Yes, some members have found authentic ones. You still have to watch out for the multitude of fakes.

    And I have found that not everyone who asks for help in this sub-forum, gets it. So you can't necessarily depend on that.
  7. aaaaaawweeeeeee, that's so sweet BooYah-girl, i love you more :love:
  8. p.s. i'll keep my eyes out for you girl & let you know if i find one!!!
  9. Booyah thanks for inspiring me to keep looking. And recommending aaallabama.

    aaallabama thank you for your interest and and great detective work. You deserve all the accolades you get for the great un-selfish help you give us pfm's.
  10. awe, that's so sweet of you to say, thank you so much :tender:...i promise to keep my eyes, ears & e-bay preferences on the look-out for more real gucci blondies!!!
  11. Ok I have finally gotten around to taking some pics of the Blondie family together. There are some new additions. Here they are! If I find the purple one, my dream is complete.
    blondiecollection.jpg MyBlondieCollection.jpg
  12. OMFG, girl, your gucci blondie collection is insane, congratulations :yahoo:
  13. WOW! Blklady that is one gorgeous Blondie collection

  14. Wooooow, :heart: it, :heart:it, :heart: it
    I want blondie hobo soooo baaad now, I take any color :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Can you keep your eyes open for me, girls ???

    Thank you
  15. Thanks ladies. I hope I am done after I find the purple! I will be sure to identify any authentics I see (as I am sure Aaallabama will as well!).