Gucci Blondie on Ebay-Are we being Shilled?

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  1. I bid on this early on but won't bid again. I know some people will disagree, but this is why I usually don't bid at all until the end, and then I use an automatic bidding (snipe) program. Bidding early, and then continuing to up the bid, simply drives the price up for everyone. It's great for sellers, but not smart when you're buying. I collect antique watches and I usually don't even show my hand until there are 5 seconds left in an auction. It keeps the competitive juices from flowing.
  2. Sorry to go of topic but what does shilling mean?
  3. Shilling means that the seller is upping the bids him/herself, either by bidding under another name or by having a friend bid -- thereby falsely inflating the sale price.

    Signs include the same bidder upping the bid repeatedly (check the bidding pattern in this particular case) or a lot of bids from zero-feedback bidders.
  4. highmaintenance, check my posting from yesterday under, "will i ever find the bag to match the shoes"
  5. Shill bidding is the act of bidding on your own auction against other bidders in order to raise the price at which your item will eventually sell.
    Ronda...I agree w/you. That's why I think something funky it is going on w/that auction. Who would of like to buy that purse for that much?
  6. It looks legitimate to me. If you look up the bidders in the community section one is in FL the other in NJ. Check the sellers other items too & there's nothing suspicious.
    I once sold a pair of Jimmy Choos and I had an email asking if I was bidding on my own item as someone bidding had only 1 feedback. It was quite upsetting as I would never do such a thing. The two bidding may not have yet grasped the concept of bidding at the last minute.

    I have also purchased things on ebay for more than the original retail price, I guess it just depends on how badly you want something and how much you are willing to pay.
  7. It's possible that the one bidder was going up in increments to hit the reserve . . . in a non-reserve auction, though, it is more suspicious.
  8. it is suspicious! two bidders are going up in increments of $50?:confused1: :wtf:
  9. nope, you're not being shilled gals, i know who some of the bidders are ;)
  10. sweetie, authentic gucci blondie bowlers go for $1K & up, these are highly sought after & lots of gals would pay that much (i did) :true:
  11. :busted
  12. ^^ nope, it's not me gals :rolleyes:
  13. A bit off topic, but I've never seen pink hardware before! Funky!!!
  14. Not sure if I like the pink not it authentic..Gucci tends to be more pink it throws may tire of the hot pink if it is real indeed...Gucci hardware is usually gold or silver..I have seen green on a matching green bag which looks great..there is something it just me...maybe I am wrong...good luck