Gucci Blondie Colours

  1. I must admit I rarely buy gucci (don't shoot me) so could someone tell me what colour range there was/is available for the Gucci Blondie hobo's.

    Many thanks.
  2. white
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    Was there a pink at all in this range?
  4. I forgot the green one!
  5. the one with the GG studs
  6. that's the one:yes:, is that the blondie or is it another model?
  7. the blondie, was once upon a time my dream bag. the white one.... Are you searching for one? good luck!
  8. I wasn't looking for a blondie in particular, I came across a bag I thought was a blondie but not sure if it is that model.

    It is as Highmaintenance mentioned the one with the large GG logo and studs.
  9. good luck on your search!
  10. Good Luck! because you are going to need it! ;)
  11. what does the multicolor look like?
  12. Does anyone know which line came out first. The double G with studs, the gold double G or the gold G trim with black lining. Are they all from the 04' Tom Ford line? Thanks!
  13. ;)
  14. anyone else feel like jammin to some reggae after seeing that? :wlae:

    hehe def NOT one of my favs! :p
  15. I so wish I could have a blondie but man its almost impossible!