Gucci BLONDIE bag....will I ever find her??

  1. I was wondering if any of you girlies know of any eBay sellers/other sellers that may have this bag (white one). I've seen some horrible fakes on eBay, and I've been checking like a lunatic for the last 6 months on eBay and no luck!! Sounds ridiculous, but I NEED that bag. Please help:shame: Thanks!!
  2. i completely understand your pain mselika...after getting fooled into buying a fake on e-bay, i studied the bag thoroughly & finally ended up finding the real thing (again on ebay!!!)...the sad truth is, one of the only ways to find one is on e-bay, since it's an old style from 2004 :sad: ...all of the gucci outlets sold out of this bag a long time advice would be to keep checking e-bay religiously & set up your searches for the bag...also, lemme know if you'd like me to share the top 5 things to look for in an authentic blondie :smile:

    p.s. i got mine from a seller named "alli-babe", but i think she only had 1
  3. hi i'm a new member here =)
    ibut i have one. Shes sooooooooooo gorgeous! black leather with a bright Pink GG's =) purchased her when i was in LA on Rodeo Drive that was a lonnggg time ago though? i dont think they have that style any more? try ebay though once in a while a real one pops up! good luck!
  4. can you please list them...:smile:
    im trying to find one too
  5. I'm wearing mine today. The serial No. starts with 13. The GG are shiny gold not brushed brass. The interior lining is navy blue not white! The zipper pull tabs are leather not metal. Underside zipper must be engraved "Gucci" or "Lampo". Good Luck!