Gucci black leather Pelham question

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  1. For those of you that bought this bag at the last sale (or if you have it already), how do you like it? This is the one with the braided straps. I've asked this before and I'm still trying to decide if I should keep it or save my money for something in the near future (summer sale stuff is coming up!).

    I really do like it but my dh is saying it doesn't look like a gucci, it could have come from any store, etc. So, then I started thinking.... do I really don't NEED it and would I like to get a Guccisima bag instead. But, then the classics never really go on sale and I tend to by the classic bags...... so should I just keep it?? I got it for around $630.

    I think the summer sale isn't as good as far as the classics being on sale unlike the fall/winter sale- am I right?

    What do you guys think?

  2. do you have pictures?
  3. I bought the pelham (braided straps) guccisima in brown and the all leather in black. I LOVE them both!!! I say keep them. They are classic bags!!!!!
  4. do your handles look ok? I noticed my are sort of (very slight bit) fraying at the bottom, and I'm wondering if that will get worse over time. Your keeping both bags?
  5. I'm absolutely keeping both bags!!! I love them. Absolutely love both of them.

    I got the brown guccisima in early December and the all black leather mid December. I've alternated between carrying them (one week it's the black the other week it's the brown) since I got them. I haven't even carried my other guccis. The handles are fine. Like I said, I've carried them nonstop!!!!!!

    My black bag came from Saks and I got Nordstrom to price match the brown guccisima. You mentioned that you don't know what store they came from . . where do you suspect they came from?????
  6. how did you get them to price match you from Saks to Nordstroms? I really want a pelham (chocolate) in brown guccissma leather! Also if you don't mind me asking the price?
  7. ^^ l love your username.

    I also wanted a pelham
  8. i scored a plain leather pelham too but mine is brown, not black. i loooove mine. if you want others to know you're wearing gucci, then i say return it. i personally like the plain leather because it doesn't scream gucci (not that anything is wrong with that..just personal preference) and i can wear other designers with it without clashing. it also depends on your budget as well. if you won't be able to buy a bag you LOVE because you bought the pelham that you're not sure about, then return it. afterall, it IS $6xx and i'm sure you will be able to find other great bags at that price point. i try not to think about how much discount something is when deciding to buy it or not (even though it's hard not to think about that). i would have never paid the original $2xxx for the pelham but i'm happy with the price i got it for.

    i've also heard about the braided handles fraying, but i don't have a problem with it so far, but i haven't had it long so i can't say for sure. others are also saying the plain leather scratches easier, so that's another thing you need to think about.

    GL with your decision. :smile:
  9. I called different Nordstroms and found two who were willing to do it. It was during the height of Saks' sale. It was regularly $2350 with 40% off and an extra 50% off of that so I paid $709.00. Saks matched one for me and one for my girlfriend.
  10. I got the bag at Saks.

    Still trying to decide.......
    Really should just keep it since its a good deal and i really like the bag. Probably won't get a deal like this on all leather....