gucci black canvas quality on new britt

  1. i just bought the gucci new britt medium hobo in black. and i am soooo not impressed with the quality of the canvas of this bag. on the same bag but in brown or cream trim-the canvas is a heck of a lot better. so-i got the brown and the black and am deciding at home which one to keep. sux bc i wanted it in black so bad, but i dont want to feel like i paid for something that is crappy :sad: the brown one is sooo nice tho :smile:

    anyone have these bags? if you have the black one-do you feel the same way?
  2. I've got the brown trimmed one and love it! I personally don't care for black cuz I like the pretty monogram to show. I say keep the brown one and return the black one.
  3. i have the cream trimmed new britt tote and i love it! my friend has a black canvas diaper bag tote while i have the regular one and i feel mine generally looks and feels better as well.
  4. wow- that's amzing to find such a difference in quality... i was looking at a black myself....
    I notice the white stictching on the black canvas looks really bad with wear and tear (not that I have one but i notice my hairdressers!!).
    Interesting - thanks.
  5. does the difference in quality only appears on new britt, or other bags too? I am considering getting a black monogram bag, but i don't know which model to go for.
  6. the black diaper bag is like that too. i dunno i think you just have to go in person and see for yourself.
  7. im returning my black new britt hobo bc the quality is bad