Gucci - Big Treasure

  1. Hi All!

    I'm obsessing about this bag right now and I am able to order it this week, but I'm not sure what colour? It's either this one in the beige, or the black canvas one with leather trim (which would be great for everyday).

    Does anyone have this bag or knows anyone that does?
    If so, how is it? Practical? Lot of space?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!


    Also, it is called Big Treasure, but that's the name of the collection. Anyone know the name of this particular bag. It's not on the Gucci website. Is it on other websites? I got this off of
  2. I personally like the beige one the is pictured.
  3. Come on gals, has anyone ever seen this bag? It's not on the Gucci website and I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen it in black...I'm planning a trip in the Fall and I just want a bag that can fit all of my stuff...hope you can help!
  4. I have never seen this bag before. I wish I could help you out. I bet it would look pretty in black. I'll keep an eye out for ya.
  5. Thanks Kat! I called up Gucci in my area, but the SA didn't seem to know her Gucci handbags too well. I plan on trecking into the store this week, but if you do see it anywhere, please let me know! Much appreciated!
  6. I've never seen this bag too..
  7. Isn't that odd??? Apparently it is from the Gucci 2005 Cruise Line. Does anyone have pics of that line?
  8. I have seen this bag in the beige, I really like it, great size, I was thinking about getting it but I am afraid the white handles will get too dirty too quickly. Unfortunately, I have not seen it in black.
  9. Woohoo! So it does exist! I'm glad someone has seen it, I was starting to think that it is a fake, but I doube would carry fakes. I'm really hoping it comes in black. pisdapisda I will let you know when I find out. BTW, what does your name mean?