Gucci Bicester Village

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me if the Gucci Disco cross body is available at Bicester? If so which colours please X
  2. Also very interested to find out! :smile:
  3. Just went to bicester couple days ago. No discos n just me soho large chain shoulder bag made of fabric thats all
  4. Hi there, do Bicester have any of the small Gucci soho shoulder chain bags in stock? I had been planning on buying one of these and on the day I was planning to purchase it was removed from the website! Typical. Does anyone know where I can still pick one of these up from? Thanks
  5. As far as I know the only official Gucci is at Bicester. I've never managed to get there as it's quite a way from where I live.

    Pretty sure Soho Discos are quite rare there as at all G outlets throughout the world. As you can see from the sell-outs at the private sales, they tend to be the first bag that sells out.