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  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted to get some advice from you guys...
    I went to the Gucci presale this saturday and wanted to get a Biba but since they didnt have any available I just ended up getting the wave. BUT I got a call from an SA this morning saying she has one available in the beige/ebony with white trim combo so I went ahead and told her I was gonna get it. At the moment I was satisfied and happy but now i'm kind of regreting it since they look a bit you guys think I should go ahead and just keep it or cancel it?!
    Thanks ahead for all your input.
  2. wait till it comes in and see what you think! What colour wave did you get?
  3. well the thing is i have to go pick it up from the boutique this wednesday and i believe they don't do returns for sale items. As for the wave I got it in the same color combo as the biba which is beige/ebony + white trim.
  4. do you which other stores have the biba available in the USA? thanks

  5. They're all sold out. =T I left a post in your thread about the Biba. Let me know if you want mine. ^^
  6. AestHetiC, you said you got the wave hobo??? are you talking about the monogram hobo b/c I've been wondering if it's part of the sale for the longest time!!!
  7. ^ the wave hobo is apart of the sale accordoing to what some guy at the gucci store told me :/
  8. Yea i got the wave hobo in monogram for regular price...only the floral was on sale.