Gucci Bianca Patent Clutch


May 18, 2007
Greetings! I am new to this forum and I am in desperate need of your advice and help. I have been longing for the Black Patent leather Gucci Bianca clutch (the larger one, around 13" long). It is no longer on the Gucci site. Is it worth it to call a Gucci store and see if they can locate one? Also, I think it is from the Cruise or Fall/Winter collection, do you think it will be part of the upcoming sale? Thanks!
Dec 8, 2006
The bianca clutch, I remember somebody scored one last summer, and that was a is from fall/winter 05-06. Its definitley worth it to call around, just alot of phone work because you have to call individual stores. Saks/NM doesnt seem very good at knowing what the next man has. I would call out of the way locations. i.e. alabama or oklahoma. That style is classic. I was thinking about getting the simple one with the buckle, its only 5-something.