Gucci Betty Platform pump

  1. Does anyone have the Gucci Betty Platform Pump?
    I'm looking for a nice, "plain" pair of black pumps and I keep coming back to these. Do you like them? If so why? Do you hate them? If so, why? If you like another shoe better, which ones and why?

    I like the simplicity of them, so if you have another rec it should be something simple.

    Thanks. :smile:
  2. I can say that the Betty is very comfortable with class and style at the same time. I haven't found my size in those yet, but I do own the Gucci Charlotte in cocoa. The toe is more square I think. I like them also.
    image-1162636573.jpg image-1883191456.jpg
  3. I have a round toed pair that I thought were Bettys (actually two -- nude and black) and they are super comfortable and versatile. And priced pretty well too.
  4. Can you post a pic?
  5. I have a pic to share with you. This is a Betty that I tried on in Nordstrom's last weekend, however I went home with new Louboutins that day :smile: I didn't need another pair of black pumps yet,but they were super comfortable so I'll probably get them on sale- just to have anyway. HTH
    image-2680038135.jpg image-3044024436.jpg
  6. I have the high Bettys in Cherry (but with the T-bar). I have to have a T-bar because I have very high insteps and walk straight out of any pumps.

    Very comfortable, probably the most comfortable high heels I own

    Very stable and easy to walk in (and they are high for me)

    Gives the leg a lovely line from the front and in profile

    Elegant and with a slight platform

    Bought last year, no scuffs or dents to report yet, I love the leather covered heel

    I'd happily buy another pair :biggrin: