Gucci Belt - does it hold up? worth it?

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  1. To everyone who has a Gucci belt - have you worn it often and how does it wear? I’m thinking about getting I one but I’m wondering if they wear out easily.

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  2. Yes they hold up and yes they're worth it.

    Never go to small or you will stretch the hole, never put more than 2 extra holes in the belt or you'll weaken the strap, never have anyone but H work on the belt for any reason.

    After 22 years I had my father's everyday belt reversible strap changed for my size (you have to keep the original strap for this service) for the cost of just the strap.
  3. Love mine and wear it frequently. Totally worth the $$$. I'm working on getting another.
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  5. Also wondering if I should get the thin one or thick. I am 5’3” about 125 is that makes a difference.
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  6. Thanks! Who is H?
  7. :lol:

    Sorry I meant Gucci :facepalm:
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  8. Oh ok- thanks! I thought it some kind of leather place:smile:
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  9. I got a black Marmont belt with the logo in gold I believe 1inch with the soft leather. I love it. A friend has had hers for year. I wish I had read your comment about no more than 2 extra holes before buying mine. they did not have my size and I heard the waiting list can be months so I bought one at the store and they added 4 extra holes for me.
  10. It's interesting they did that as the rule has always been (where I am) 2 holes whatever the customer says. Don't worry about it now done, just enjoy
  11. Thank you I have had it for about a month love it
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  12. Holds up great, I have had mine since the beginning of the Marmont line and it still looks new. I wear it all the time....
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  13. I am also debating between this one and the Hermes H belt. Not sure which one would be better??
  14. Sorry - bumping this thread.

    I have had the Gucci Double G belt since March 2017. I wore it every week until beginning of this year. For the last 9 months it's just been sitting in my cupbroad.

    For those who owns this belt, do you still wear it?

    I'm debating if I should keep this belt or let it go.
  15. I still wear it as long as it matches what I'm wearing for the day. Strangely I've worn my silver GG belt more than my gold GG belt because I actually have more silver hardware on my accessories than gold. I actually haven't worn the gold one for months now, but will wear it soon as I just got 2 new Gucci bags with gold hardware.

    I will hold onto them probably for over a decade, as I tend to do that with my designer stuff. I still have some really old Gucci belts that I don't wear anymore belonging to Frida Giannini's time.

    If you would rather sell it because you don't foresee yourself wearing it again, then I suggest selling it while it is still popular to get a decent resale price.
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