Gucci Belt Bag

  1. Ugh. I know this trend has been sooo overplayed, and there are so many wannabes wearing fakes out there and stuff, but today, I caved into the temptation and bought one of those Gucci pouch-type thingys today.

    I just love the convenience of hands-free shopping though! Plus, it is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to start using it!! Yum yum...hahaha

    Anyone else have any comments and stuff regarding this bag? =)
  2. Whoops...was I supposed to post this in the Gucci forum? =/

    Is this forum just used for all the bags that aren't of the branded ones below?
  3. I think if you love it then that's all that matters. Enjoy!!
  4. I got my friend one years ago but the buckle made an annoying 'clicking' noise :rant: so we took it back to Gucci and tried on several at the shop, all made the same noise :crybaby: so we just ended getting a refund. Does yours make a noise or did Gucci deal with this defect?
  5. I own one and I love mine! I use it so much as it gives me the luxury of being hand-free while running after my 2-year old.. And I do use it when I go around running errands as well.. congrats on your purchase!
  6. hahah yeah the infamous "click" or "cling" - a couple of my bags have that metal clasp on it and it's not a defect apparently. it's supposed to be annoying and make you not want to put anything in the exterior pocket!
  7. I have this and love it as well! I use it when going to fairs or amusement park type places as I don't like backpacks anymore and my kids are older..I like the flat style too! I haven't noticed any noise though..
  8. I think depending on how you use it, it shouldn't really go out of style...I have one but I only use it when I travel, and i put my money, ID and tickets in there, so I don't risk losing a purse. I will tell you to be very careful what you wear it with. The first time I wore mine I stained it with two different pants (red and blue from jeans) and didn't notice until I came home from vacation. I took it to the cleaners but it didn't come off completely....So Be Careful!!!
  9. Eek! Thanks for the advice!

    Yeah, I noticed that my clip is kind of stiff. Maybe its just because its new, or perhaps I'm afraid to be rough with it? =) Hahahaha...I guess I decide in a while. Afterall, it does have a 30-day return policy!
  10. WOW!!! I am afraid that it made me class 'Gucci' as a bad quality make and I stick to Chanel and Hermes now- never such problems with these! Chanel actually makes a much better quality flat belt bag.
  11. I bought one for work, just perfect to have the basics with me and hands free
    love it- no clicks or sounds..
    a little to small- but what can you do
  12. I wanted To buy this belt bag at first, but ended up buying the small messenger one, its also hands free and i noticed not as many people carry it compared to the belt bag. At the same time the belt is still a great bag and what matters most if you love it enjoy it :smile:)
  13. I have one and I love it! As long as you like it it doesn't matter if other wannabes are carrying fake ones b/c yours is real.
  14. I am actually going to go buy one on Thursday. I love them. They are so useful and I don't think they will ever go out of style has long as you have a classic color. I hope you like it.
  15. I've been wanting one of these Gucci waist bag as well, but they're so many fakes on Ebay. Haven't had time to go to the store to get one yet.

    Happiegluckie can you post a picture of the bag?