Gucci belt bag...what do you think?

  1. Hey guys, I have a question. Lately I have been feeling that the gucci belt bag has been replicated a lot especially the beige with either the brown handle or the green/red/ now i'm wondering if I should just get the all black, I was looking at it earlier and decided I love the look of the black with the silver clip, however I am soooo lost and dunno which one to get...what do you ladies suggest, and which colours do you own and what do you think of them? Thanks a lot!!:smile:
  2. I own the beige/ebony with the red and green belt. I just love that color combo. I think it is so classic and timeless. I think it depends on how you will use it. My best friend has all black, but she is a photographer and uses it when she shoots weddings. I honestly think the beige/ebony with the brown belt is a little disappointing and I am not a huge fan of the blue and pink. I think they are too trendy. When I bought mine, my husband insisted I get the red/green because he thought it looked the most "Gucci." If that makes any sense at all. I have, however, been thinking it would be nice to have black also, but for your first purchase I definitely recommend the red and green
  3. Thanks maxcat...yah I'm still deciding between the on eyou have cuz it's classic..and the all black due to the fact that I don't have any black gucci...thanks for your response!
  4. I had this same problem..but in the end i went with the beige belt bag w/ the red/green belt..because i want a black medium chain bag in a couple months, so i figured id switch it up :smile:
  5. Ohh yah that makes I already have a beige abbey I was leaning towards the black...still thinking!
  6. I have the small black belt bag. I just purchased the black because it was on sale at bluefly. I'm very happy with it. I used it this past weekend for shopping and going out to a club and it was great to be hands free and not worrying about a purse. I liked the black because I normally where black pants or dark jeans when I go out so it matched pretty well with anything I wore out.
  7. i'm eyeing the blue one, but not the baby blue, the darker blue w/ the red and white belt (i feel like i'm describing the flag lol)
  8. I had the big blue one and I loved it....I returned it becuase it wasn't very practical for me right now!
  9. Me too I had the blue one and sold it...I also had the black with the green red handle...annnd the beige with green red handle....i've had everything excpet the all black or the all beige! I hear the story now and realize i'm crazy! lol
  10. I got a tan/brown one. All black wouldn't work for me since it's a VERY casual bag for me, only used on vacations and such when I'm in tennis shoes. . .
    DSCN5083edit.jpg DSCN5084edit.jpg
  11. I really like that one's gonna be a while before I decide!
  12. black black black. i could kind of see you keep on hinting the black subconsiously ;)
  13. ^^'s as if you know me! :yes:
  14. I think you should get the black one too!
    i like it best, and it usually goes with any color you wear!
  15. I had black beltbag but sold it coz I thought it was too bland.

    and bought this...I reckon, more energy and outfit enhancer.