Gucci Beijing Summer Olympics Limited Editions

  1. Can you say RED GUCCISSIMA?!?! :yahoo:
    There will be eight items in the collection: a bicycle, a mahjong set, a panda in soft leather, a leather duffel and messenger bag, sports shoes for men and women, a red-strapped version of the I-Gucci watch, and a military tag-inspired necklace.

    The bad news is that with the exception of the watch, they'll only be sold in mainland China and Hong Kong.
  2. i don mind a mahjong set! any other info on price or anything? thanks!
  3. Release is 8-8-08 there is a little info and pics on UK version not ure if they are on US version
  4. Ooooo I like the messenger bag!!!
  5. Wow a MJ set, really? Cool!
  6. i would love the MJ set and the messenger bag
  7. The messenger bag is cute!
  8. me pass on the "non living" items...I will consider buying the male model, if for sale :love:.........................I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that bicycle...HILARIOUS!!!
  9. ValleyO, do you know if they have only limited amount for sale? I'm planning on going back to Hong Kong this winter and I really want the messenger bag...
  10. i like his watch!! Cool!
  11. The bike would be cool if only it weren't that expensive..
  12. Bike is cool, but I won't bear to use it.
  13. i really want to learn how to play mahjong now...
  14. Finally, an HK/China exclusive! Their exclusive items are mostly either Japan-only or to celebrate the opening of a flagship. The mahjong set looks interesting, I wonder how much it will cost. 8-8-08, that's a very lucky date for the Chinese, 8 means good fortune (basically the same as the number 7 for Americans, I remember hearing that wedding chapels were overbooked on the 7-7-07!), and I think Gucci will be making quite a lot of money on the 8th of Aug...
  15. I want the panda bear heheh.
    I'm actually going to HK + China this summer so I'm gonna try to buy a few of those!