Gucci bamboo tote with tassels - opinions?

  1. Lovely, lovely bags.

    My DH saw that first pic of the Diana tote and said, "It's smiling!"
  2. :d:d:d
  3. Congrats cocobean! This bag looks so sophisticated & classy. It also compliments you very well! I love how the scarf looks with the bag! :tup::woot:
  4. Fabulous bag! I love everything about it; from the bamboo handle to the luxurious leather! I especially love the way you wrapped the scarf around the bag. It's funny because I tend to do that whenever I go out to eat so that I don't ruin my scarf and every time I do it, I tend to get compliments on my bag and scarf. It's such an elegant look!
  5. Loving it!
  6. Just saw this bag is on bluefly for $1725..............
  7. What beautiful bag!!! I want one :smile:
  8. Congrats cocobean!. I think this bag is just gorgeous and your post has me coveting one for myself! I actually think your initial choice - the black tote - is great as well. :smile:
  9. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  10. Congratulations! Am glad you love your white tote - I think it is gorgeous!

  11. Just wanted to say thanks cocobean, for your original post on this black tote! It's exactly what I need at the moment and I managed to get my hands on one. I would never have known it existed without your post and pictures!

    Of course, I'm still coveting your new white one as well... :graucho:

    Thanks again!
  12. Graycat5- Congrats on your purchase! Would you posts pics? I'd love to see real life pictures of it :smile:
  13. The Lady Dior bag may have indeed been presented to Lady Diana but it was a gift from Bernadette Chirac, not Dior, as a welcome gesture from the French. The bag originally had a different name but after Lady Diana fell in love with it and ordered it in every single colour available at the time Dior decided to rename the bag the Lady Dior.
  14. The white looks amazing! I prefer it to the black also. :smile:
  15. ...and between my mother, sister and me, we have all 3, Tods D, Dior Lady D and Gucci Diana :party: