Gucci Bamboo Top-Handle Club: 1947 'till now

  1. Hi All

    I am new to this thread and forgive me if this has already been covered but does anyone have experience with the Gucci bamboo shopper tote? Pros and cons? I am thinking of purchasing one as my first Gucci piece.

  2. LOVE the blue one. I am hoping to add a Bamboo to my small collection for the spring. I just love the blue color.

    Thanks for the thread and the photos everyone!
  3. I've also been coveting this bag myself in the larger size (more appropriate for a man). I don't see any cons to the can hand carry, shoulder carry, it's a good weight empty, very classic and timeless. The only con I see is not owning one myself. (LOL) It's a very beautiful and well made bag indeed.
  4. Hi Lport

    I don't have this new version but I do have my mother's North-South Gucci Bamboo Shopper from 1997 and it's still going strong. My mother also still has her original Diana which is similar.


    It's simple shape and iconic handle make it very elegant. It confidently announces it is Gucci without screaming

    That blue is gorgeous, Gucci make great blues (I have several :p)


    Not really a con, but you should just check out if it balances well, I have the N-S and it's the perfect Summer bag, I just don't know how all the material to either side of the new Bamboo Shopper acts when only a single thing is in there or when very full.

    Only for me probably, but I'm not keen on any logo writing or mention of the brand on the outside of the bag. I like to keep people guessing. Having said that I know may companies are doing this ATM (Celine, SLP, Hermes on the Double Sens etc). That is a very small gripe, as even I could overlook that.

    The Large would make a great bag for a man, ITA :yes:
  5. Congratulations to your your mom, it's wild and a great contribution to our club :biggrin:
  6. Thanks PBinsider, love those half still, half moving pictures
  7. Thank you! It's seriously gorgeous and definitely withstands the test of time ;)
  8. I keep sitting down to order the smaller sized Bamboo
    Shopper but I can't decide on the color. Has anyone seen
    The red or blue, IRL? Any thoughts on the colors guys?
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    My newest vintage Gucci and my first bamboo! Inside is peeling a little however the outside is in excellent condition which is the most important thing to me. I really love it!

    Any recommendations on how to treat the leather?

    I was going to buy the Apple Garde conditioner and Rain & stain repellent as many great reviews on the AG products on here however I have done a bit of research and ladies say they have been told to use any products on pebbled leather bags..... so now I'm not sure what to do? as I'm not sure exactly what type of leather this is? as it's a hard leather not soft.....
    Maybe I'd be better using only the AG Rain & Stain Repellent......

    Thank you.
    gucci bamboo.jpg
  10. I've used the AG Conditioner and Rain & Stain for years on LV, Hermes, Bottega, Gucci, Chanel, smooth and pebbled leathers. I swear by those products, awesome IMO.
  11. Thank you Papertiger :smile:

    I had a look at the black medium size shopper tote in store and found it was not very structured - the sides were actually quite bent - this could have been from poor storage however, I think you are correct you need to have a bit stored in the bag for it to look and sit right.

    I also found the medium size black shopper tote is no longer available on the Gucci Australia website - it must be sold out - there is a larger size available but I think it would be too big for me (I am quite short and petite) and it may also be better suited to travel.

    Therefore, this leaves me with navy, red or maple brown to choose from - which colour do people prefer?

    I tend to think the navy colour but I am not sure.

    Also is this bag going to be around for a limited time or is it going to be a permanent piece? I am worried about waiting to purchase.
  12. hi, i use KIWI leather conditioner to clean and moisturise the vintage gucci bags
    but i found generally the gucci leather are fairly good with water repellent
  13. I have a black bamboo shopper in the smaller size on its way from I'm so excited but have not seen the bag IRL. I'll write a review when it arrives!