Gucci Bamboo Top-Handle Club: 1947 'till now

  1. Thank you so much, and thanks for telling us, we all :heart: this bag
  2. Thanks for the info and enjoyed reading it! Love Florence's BTH...:heart:
  3. Thank you for the link to this feature!! This bag is close to my heart and I just love seeing the story behind such a unique bag.
  4. I am in lust with this bag!!
  5. Saw this beauty online and got to have a look at it in London .. so in love! It's so beautiful and shines! The SA told me they only got one and won't get any more .. mmm.. why can it not be Xmas already? :smile: tempted!!
  6. That bag is just stunning!! Early Xmas perhaps?
  7. Mmmmmmm..maybe :smile:
    It just really wow'd me but I am not sure if I would use it a lot. Too worried of scratching it. It's a python bag so it's a bit too pressures for me.. maybe.. but I looove it.
    Will think about it... :smile:
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    This is SO SPECIAL!! I am going to start a thread on it so everybody sees it, but this piece on the PurseBlog today even has gifs!!! :woohoo:

    Sneak peak!! Get right over there!!!
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    So happy to share with you all. And I love the bag too, very near and dear to my :heart:

    I hope you enjoy todays amazing piece, and there is more to come!!

  10. Thanks again for the new piece as well! After reading how the bamboo handles are created makes me love my BTH even more (if that's even possible).
  11. I read it yesterday as well. It definitely gave me a deeper appreciation than I already had for the BTH. To me there is no greater bag out there than the BTH. Well except a Birkin, but I think it is highly unlikely my closet will ever see one of those.
  12. Thanks again, PBinsider

    Those video/stills were beautiful just for their own sake, they had me transfixed (have you ever seen a Norwegian Forrest cat stare at a bottle of sparkling water? Just like that :p).
  13. My mom got this pony-hair beauty this past February in Milan! Looks so classy despite the fun leopard print, and just such an eye-catcher itself. I love it!

  14. Oh, this fabulous!

    Today Megs closed out the look at the BTH with some more wonderful photographs, so be sure to catch them on the PurseBlog!


  15. Anyone have it? I think I'm getting the small one, it's gorgeous, and thanks for the BTH feature!