Gucci Bamboo Top-Handle Club: 1947 'till now

  1. Welcome to the BTH club :woohoo: Both fabulous bags you have there, equal congrats on both. Both are very special :tup:

    I have a couple of questions

    Do you use them often?

    And what materials and colours are the inside?
  2. Hi, yes i use small leather more but lg. python is one of the most amazing colors i have seen in snake...these pics dont do justice!!!! Insides are a cotton like kahki color with a side pocket. Strap is useful for smaller leather top handle. Also both bamboos are different colored, nice detail. I have been trying to get around photographing them with a real camera versus ipod..thanku for your comments.
  3. Thanks tzuber, they are both staggeringly beautiful, you are so lucky to have not one, but two such special examples :woohoo:

    Your new-you-you bag is super-chic caliq1 congratulations again and so pleased you joined our club :yahoo:
  4. Got another papertiger :smile: I had to ! It's not a bamboo handle but it has bamboo :smile:

  5. This is a lovely bag too and a beautiful piece of bamboo work. I also have an honouree bamboo bag, the Bamboo Woven Shopper, suede and patent North/South basket from the 1990s, ('97?). All I need now is the Bamboo handle brief case and steel my Mom's vintage Diana (same year as the shopper I think) and I will have a nice set ;).
  6. I'd love to see pics of your collection! Do you have them posted on TPF anywhere? I'm officially a Gucci addict ! My small collection consist of medium Pelham -two pairs of sunnies ( one special I bought while in London at harrods) and the two vintage bags I posted recently. I entertained getting a new LV but couldn't find anything I just loved and there are so many Gucci I just :love: so I am slowly adding to my collection :biggrin:
  7. Hi, I am very new to this forum and I just ordered my First ever designer bag which was Gucci New Bamboo Medium Flap Bag (winter grey colour), it took me a while to decide which one should i go in for and after all the research I decided to pick this one, keeping my fingers crossed hoping its a nice colour since its very difficult to make out on the website. Its yet to arrive and I am on pins and needles :biggrin:

    Does anyone have this bag and can someone tell me what is a winter leaf colour?

  8. Welcome bagwathi

    Sounds scrumptious ;)

    I dont have this colour but the Winter Leaf but have seen it in a store, it is a metallic bronzed-green, possibly a shade lighter than the photo you posted. You could wear it easily as a neutral with blacks, browns and greys (perhaps not so easily with some blues) and a med in a metallic means it could be good for the evening as well as day. I think you will love it, please photos when you get it as I think you will be the first to have this colour in a out BTH club.
  9. You will see my 2 large BTHs in the this thread and other Guccis dotted around the sub-forum but I don't have an official family photo (too many for one photo :p) or my own collection thread.

  10. Thanks papertiger! I will surely put the pics up once I recieve it :smile:
  11. Looking forward to it.

    BTW, I was thinking it looked lighter in the photo and darker IRL and then wrote it incorrectly in my last post. IMO it looks a little darker IRL not lighter. Sorry about that :biggrin:
  12. No worries! as long as it looks good :smile: I live in India and its getting shipped to a cousin of mine in US who is going to bring it next month when she travels to India!! Picked it up from Saks Fifth Avenue online as it was going for 1450USD where as the original was 2000+ !! thought it was a good deal!
  13. Thanks bagwathi, was able to get the bamboo flap last Saturday. It ships today and I'll have it by tomorrow.
  14. Got mine today and love it! It's more of a bronze color, papertiger is right that it's darker irl.