Gucci Bamboo Top-Handle Club: 1947 'till now

  1. lanit, my New Bamboo has light gold hardware. As far as I know, Gucci doesn't offer the New Bamboo in silver for the Old Naturale colour, but it doesn't hurt to ask if they'll do an SO. I believe the nickel hardware is only offered on the bags that have the matching nickel chain, such as with the white, stone & black New Bamboos... :shrugs:
  2. Hmmm-thanks for clarifying that it only comes in the light gold-I can now stop fretting about it, although I would not mind in the least if they could provide a chain on the strap for the natural-that would be something! Is it odd that the SA did not know much about the bag and the various colorways-I had to practically twist her arm to go online to view the other colors and trim details, although she was nice enough to do so! I also noticed that the Saks site, shows similar natural bag with a dark brown lining ( which I think looks a bit more pedestrian), whereas the bag at the store had a beautiful linen style lining. I wonder why it is different, other than the fact it is offered at a department store? Thanks again for filling in on the details PaperT and AccioS!
  3. thanks!

    I didn't buy gucci for a long long time. do they do red leather lining anymore? The first bag my DH bought for me is a gucci bag too

    i love the tassels! but after buying H, my money tree is bare, so i enjoy looking what u all have

    yup she is a keeper...... with me for more than a decade :biggrin:
  4. As we are all talking about linings :chatty::

    Lanit the natural that is linen-lined is S/S '10 and the one with dark lining is from A/W 09. I'm sure if you wait for the new stock in a month Gucci will have changed the lining again.

    robbe I think the red leather was special even then; I would love them Gucci bring it back. Vintage wise, I have seen brown leather with brown and brown leather inside caramel. The red leather (and it's such a great red) looks amazing.

    Away from linings, I have also found out there is a large and med size cobalt blue croco, a moss green matte croco Heritage (softer style altogether) and a couple of years ago a range of traditional tapestry/dark-red croco bamboo top handle bags that were exclusive to Gucci's flagship store in Rome (Via Condotti, and I was told there are still a few left)
  5. PaperT-I have seen current eBay listings for bamboo top bags that have studded details-no strap though. One is in a pretty green (very you)-the other red. They look far more casual than the current design. I really like the linen lining that is offered now. It makes the bag more summery, and I love the little bit of refined texture with leather. Yes-love contrasting leather lining-Robee's is definitely a collectors dream bag (HG) for this thread! OMG - Cobalt blue-that must look amazing!
  6. ^ Lanit

    :nuts: Green, sounds fab but please don't tempt me, I am supposed to saving for an H bag!

    Most of the BTH Vintage bags (at least 70s 80s 90s) came with straps

    On my way back from the V&A Grace Kelly exhibition I went to check what they had in the way of Med leather bags comming in for the A/W, unfortunately, I had one of the sweetest but most hopeless Gucci SAs I have ever come across in Harrods and will have to go to Bond St on Friday for you (I'll be 'passing by' anyway).

    On straps for new bags: The Med that came out for Summer and have nikel colour hw come with the double strap but the 'classics' including the grey and natural colour have a single leather strap. There are no grey med left in London (I thought it might be beyond the SA to check the rest of Europe).
  7. PaperT-you are so sweet to ask for me! :heart: This bag is my 25th anniversary gift from DH so no breaking my ban. And no H bag can be afforded right now with DD headed to college, so I am very happy with this as his gift! I called the SA at my local G store-too busy to look or system down, whatever, called another G store within striking distance, boom the gal located it in Florida and it is on its way to me! It was done in twenty minutes flat. Gotta say, depending upon the SA, you never know how anything gets done sometimes, and this is an expensive bag too! The best thing was to have the item/reference number handy and I am so glad you provided the link. I am so very excited and can't wait to see it! I still am thinking of the natural one -the appealing thing about it is that it is very monochrome and 'under the radar'. But when one thinks about how special a bag like this can be ( as in the white or black), I think the grey might be a perfect balance! I want to carry this all summer and practically all the times when headed out to dinner or special events like my niece's wedding, and DD's graduation! BTW, I took pics of the white and black and will upload them here for you!:balloon:

    P.S. As for the ban, I will not tempt you (you already have the best dynamite Bamboo bag dear)-because one day I will get my H bag too and I will expect you to make me save for it also!
  8. Update: I carried my Bamboo T-H during my Toronto vacation for three days and it was sooo convenient! Besides being the only person in Toronto carrying one :biggrin:, the simple bamboo turnlock provides easy access to grab a water bottle or wallet when paying. I left the mirror at home since I didn't need it. I did use the the shoulder strap most of the time but I did find with a ton of my things in it, the bag weighs a lot on my shoulder. Not like it hurts my shoulder but it does carry some substantial weight with the hardware. I carried during the day when I was more casual and to dressier restaurants and cafes at night and looks great no matter what. It really is a great vacation traveling bag (sorry to sound like a salesperson and I've never even worked in sales in my life).
  9. Gstdreamer-that is great to hear. I did notice that in deciding betwenn the bags with chain strap and without (classic) there was a weight difference-glad you can bear the weight of the larger bag and convenience of getting in and out of it. I am glad to choose the medium version-it suits me best for my lifestyle. The large ones are most impressive as a statement bag though I must say!:flowers:
  10. :yahoo:It sounds like you are sorted, I can't wait to see it, you will be the first member of our club with the med grey.

    25 years! :party: This will be a very special Bamboo Top Handle for your silver anniversary, what a pefect gift, the grey is the closest to silver.

    Hermes make incredibly good bags (I don't even mind sticking with vintage) but Gucci also do high-end very well, one day we shall have both. I think we will have to kurb our scarf addiction a little, although we have such pleasure wearing them :p. I have spent well over 1K in scarves alone at H from the S/S :shame:.

    It was a funny situation with the SA, another customer wanted to buy a bag for his wife and the SA just couldn't answer any questions and his colleague was concluding a transaction so I had to help him out or we would have been there all day, in the end he asked if I worked for Gucci,.

    TPF is such a great place for Hermes and Gucci info I wonder why there aren't more SAs taking notes (although I know people at head office reads).

    Good thing you rang the other SA, I'm so excited and happy for you.
  11. That was a good 'road' test GD, if the bag had any faults you would have found them carrying it 3 days in a row.

    I like that I can carry it 4 ways and that it translates so easily from day to night. Now I also sound like a sales person :biggrin:.

    Did you take anything with you in case it rained? Have you treated the fabric?
  12. ^Nope didn't treat the fabric and the weather was fine so I had no worries. At night time, I took off the shoulder strap and just carried it as a handheld.
  13. It must be my paranoia, I have to carry a large plastic bag at all times :nuts:.

    Yes, isn't it great, it's like having 2 bags for the price of 1 (except the bag is as twice as expensive as most :p)

    Did you get any comments or feedback from friends/family/strangers? You must have turned a few heads ;)
  14. My family members loved it - especially my mom. However she just received her beautiful orange Gucci cruise bag yesterday. A couple of the SAs really liked it when I went window shopping (though I went and bought my fifth blythe)!

    I'm just one of those people who hate having the same bag as everyone else and carrying this bag, I knew there weren't going to be too many people carrying it - turned out no one else had it!
  15. Oh great! I'm pleased for your mom too, it sounds amazing and I don't think she will find too many people with one of those either. I spent the weekend with my mother too and she liked my bag but I think she thinks I spend too much money on bags altogether. If she raises the subject I just remind her of how many Chanels and Guccis she has/has had :p - she can't win :biggrin:.

    Fifth Blythe :nuts:? Does her first name start with I and her last name end in E?

    That's another reason to love Gucci, not too many people can have the same bag, they only make so many of any style/colour and then that's it. :sunnies