Gucci Bamboo Top-Handle Club: 1947 'till now

  1. I'm loving this bag more and more!

    Ladies, is it comfortable carrying the bag in the crook of your arm? I'm afraid that the bamboo handle isn't smooth like your typical rolled handles.

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    PattyP: Lovin Lovin the detail on your Gucci! Just stunning!:smile:

    Gshtdreamer: I just wanna snatch your Gucci off of my screen and into my house!

    Papertiger: Your Gucci the color ok just mail it to my house it's HOT!

    Wow PattyP and PT those bamboo handles are HOT the detail is wicked!
  3. For me, it depends on how much I'm carrying and the weight but I can happily carry my large version in the crook of my arm when not too loaded. It's not a position I carry my bag in for long stretches of time anyway but it does come in handy now again.
  4. :graucho: I think you need to have a Bamboo Top-Handle mzbag
  5. Look great. Thanks for sharing
  6. ohhhhh yummy bags girls! i have a bag with two bamboo handles and i loveeee it
  7. Hi Ladies! I'm so happy to be here! :nuts: Thank you, papertiger for the invite!

    My New Bamboo Medium Top Handle was one of the 20 bags made in the Gucci Artisan Corner event! :yahoo:





  8. Yay, :yahoo: accio sacculus fantastic to have you and your wonderful bag (and your cute monkey too) with us
  9. We all wanna see this BTH cousin, it sounds loveeeely :graucho:
  10. lets see if this works...


  11. Yay! A Pop Bamboo Hobo, great stuff luved :tup:

    You are an affilated member :biggrin:
  12. Beautiful! :nuts:
  13. luved: love your pop bamboo bag! It's gorgeous! I have not seen many people with bamboo handle guccis. Now all you need is the top-handle!

    accio: No one can resist your beautiful top handle and the monkey!
  14. Seriously gorgeous bags - congrats ladies! Bluefly has the ivory top handle bamboo for $1880 right now. SO tempted!