Gucci Bamboo Top-Handle Club: 1947 'till now

  1. I'm starting this thread in response to flipchick's suggestion

    As there are at least 5 of us already let's start a Bamboo Top-Handle club

    You may belong to the BTH club if you have a large, med, small, new, old or vintage bamboo top handle, any related extended family member (bamboo handle) ior even if you just like the bag :biggrin:

    Any info or photos related to the bag would be greatly appreciated :flowers:

    I will start with my treasured new darling

    Large (36 cm) Stone Leather Bamboo Top-Handle


    With matching mirror case and engraved mirror


    Close-up of the stippled effect colour


    Close-up of the handle

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  2. Gorgeous bag papertiger...

    Checked one out at the Gucci store and for some reason I just loved the mirror. Normally it would not be a big deal but it was so heavy and lovely..
  3. Yay, oh, yay! Now I can drool over all these beauties in one thread! Please share tons & tons of pics.
  4. Large Canvas Bamboo Top-Handle with matching mirror and leather case.



    Inside pic of the bag - it is a cotton linen lining:

    btw, thanks for starting this thread PT!
  5. :smile:Wow great club! Now I have to get a bamboo top handle Gucci:biggrin:.

    I wanna join real soon!
  6. ^You have to join! Hopefully we can get this club to be even more popular than the joy boston! :lol:

    Here's the last pic of some of the stuff that this bag can hold minus the water bottle and book:

  7. Such gorgeous bamboo top-handle bags, ladies!! You're all making want to forget about the beige flap bag and get a top-handle bag instead :p I'm going to have to definitely check out the top-handle bags the next time that I visit my local Gucci boutique.

    GhstDreamer, I had no idea that one could fit so many things in the large sized top handle bag :nuts: I really do hope that you're able to have your initials put onto your bag.
  8. ^Thanks Expy00! I hope I see the manager next time I go back.
  9. Love this club..:biggrin:
    Here is my white, Large (36cm) Bamboo top- handle bag!


  10. :love:

    Oh my word, my eyes are on stalks, seeing some of the bags together I can see why this bag has been giong strong for 63 years.

    GhstDreamer and PattyP thank you for your pictures, both your bags are out-of -this-world beautiful.

    I am taking my Stone darling to be monogrammed today and I will let you all know how I get on :biggrin:
  11. I hope you do too mzbag ;)
  12. Thank you COACH ADDICT. I think a Bamboo Top Handle would fit very nicely in your collection :graucho:
  13. :reading:

    Let's go over some of the combos that are available ATM for those that may be thinking about wanting one. Please add to this info if I have left anything out. These are versions I have seen in the stores or on line this season.

    Large 36cm across 22cm high 16 deep:

    Black, White or Stone leather, Grey (shaded) croco, Black python, beige/ebony original fabric with brown leather or croco trim.

    Med 27cm across 11.5 high 6.3 deep

    Black, White, Grey, Light-brown (natural) or Magenta leather, Tan ostrich, Brown matte croco, Black, Brown, Magenta and Gold (24 K gold leaf covered) shiny croco, beige/ebony original fabric with brown leather trim or or White original fabric with white leather.
  14. I'm with you there flip :biggrin:

    Borrowed from some of the Hermes threads; maybe we could also have Bamboo Top Handle days when we all take our bags out and take pics :?:

  15. Oh Ghst your Top Handle is so gorgeous... I see that you have a rare and vintage Orange Coach coin purse ''SWEET"