Gucci ballet pumps...Keep or get rid of them?

  1. Awhile ago, when Tom Ford was w/ Gucci, I bought a pair of black stilettos w/ a ballet wrap detailing because i figure, a woman needs a pair of black stilettos. The ballet wrap detail was just extra and i thought them to be timeless.

    Anyhow, it's YEARS later, and I haven't worn them, but at the same time, i haven't had an occasion to wear them either.

    So now i've been back and forth as to what I should do w/ these shoes....
    Would I even get a good re-sale value for them? or should I keep hanging on to them in hopes to use them someday.. i might.

    hmmm any opinions on this? Thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. can u post a pic? I think I know which ones they are but I'm not sure.
  3. OK i'll post it on monday.. didn't get to take pics... they're the ones w/ a 4.5 inch heel w/ a pointy toe. The ballet wrap starts off going diagonally across the foot before wrapping around the ankle.

    I know a picture would be better, so I'll post it on Monday. : )
  4. Maybe you could do a completed auctions search on Ebay? Or see if someone here would like to buy them. I think I know the shoes that you're talking about. Its probably better to try and sell them instead of keeping them in your closet unworn - although I'm sure that you want to get a certain amount for $$$ for them. Oh, maybe you can consign them to an upscale consignment store in NYC?
  5. I agree, you should get rid of them if you don't wear them. You could always use the extra money for a new bag!
  6. I agree with thithi if you don't wear them and you don't see yourself wearing them in the future get rid of them!
  7. OK, here are the pictures of them : )




    They're hot, but i'm more of a open toed person! It doesn't make sense for them to just sit in my closet. : (
  8. Those are very cute pumps but there's just too much strap action going on IMO.
  9. WAY too much strap effort for me...but very cute, and sexxy!!!
  10. Being in NYC, I'm sure you can find a place to wear these sexy shoes. I can see these with a peasant shirt, capris, black dress... But if they are not your style you should try to sell them.
  11. Hmmm . . . there would be less strap action if you wrapped them like a real ballet dancer. First, cross in front and then wrap around the ankles. But when you wrap, you wrap each layer on top of the last, instead of going up the leg. Then, instead of a bow, tie in a knot (always in the back, if I recall) and tuck the knot and ends under the wraps so its all nice and neat.
  12. Thank you for your opinions. :flowers: I was in a rush to take the pics and just wrapped them messy. LOL
  13. I love those shoes!! I LOVE strappy shoes Id keep em! (or sell em to me!) hahahhahaa But seriously i love the shoes there sexxy and would look killer with capris!