Gucci Bags on StyleDrops...

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  1. Does anybody know why?

    I'm wondering if I'm really getting a better deal on styledrops. It's about $90 cheaper, but the measurements are also smaller. Are they the same bag (sizewise)? HELP
  2. If your only saving 90 dollars...i dont think its worth it to make the purchase online, you know what i mean? I think it would be a more comfortable experience if you saw what you were getting before you paid for it, since you are unsure about the sizes.
  3. Yes, get it from Gucci directly and get your peace of mind for an extra $90.
  4. the measurements are different because the bag on styledrops is the the small size, and the bag in the link from the gucci website is the medium size.

    the measurements for the small size match up to the one on styledrops (give or take a few cms, but you should always leave a little room for error):

    gucci has the small for $760. it's $809 on styledrops. ripoff.
  5. I'm starting to be a little leary of Styledrops...I mean I know a couple of people on this forum vouched for them, but I'm looking into getting this bag (black fabric)

    I've contacted all the Gucci Boutiques in the city and none of them has this bag. The waiting list is 6-8 weeks on How can styledrops have it? Furthermore, the price on Styledrops is $749 and they claim you're saving 21%, but on it's $750. The measurements are off, and the pictures look nothing alike. I'm just gonna wait the 6-8 weeks.

    this is the picture on styledrops

  6. I got a black bottega veneta from styledrops because I could not find it anywhere else and wanted it right away. They are definately marked up. so money wise it's not a good idea.:sad: But if your dying for a bag you can't find, you can always use them as a source!:P
  7. The shape of their Spy bags look off...:worried:
  8. O.k this is the last time I will post about styledrops because I have many times already. This is the Bottega from STYLEDROPS that I purchased. It is real!!! They are legit,they overcharged me for sure, but that was not the issue at the time. I just wanted that color in that bag and did it! It arrived in 2 weeks and I love it ever since.

    I can post more pics of interior, or anything needed, if you want.
    more handbags 008.jpg more handbags 009.jpg more handbags 010.jpg