Gucci bags from SEARS

  1. Hi guys. I just wanted to ask if anybody purchased Gucci bags from Sears. I read here that it was legit. Please, if anyone bought bags from there, tell us what is the case???
  2. I did some research. Authenticity is very questionable.
  3. Just unrelated, BUT i love your avatar with the gucci bear!
  4. Sears carries Gucci??? When did that happen? I'd be reluctant to buy it there.
  5. Sorry, European ignorance but what kind of a store is Sears?
  6. i just looked at the sears site and it appears that although these bags are listed on their site, the actual seller is Monacofashion.
  7. i just looked too... MonacoFashion and MilanDesigner it seems supplies the merchandise....but does Sears back the authenticity of the products is the real question?? Too big of a company to be associated with fake items...
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    PT, Sears is a very large store that started out as an automotive store and then branched out to a department store, selling anything from automotive goods and repairs to washers/dryers, kitchen appliances and clothing. They also bought LandsEnd. It just doesn't make sense to me that they would sell Gucci. Gucci is an entirely different company and would be jeopardizing their reputation by selling in Sears!
    However, I found this link! Can someone who is computer savvy, investigate whether it is legit?
  9. Good point BgaHolic...why would Gucci sell in sears?! It's not like Sears is a discount retailer...just strange. And...when i typed in the word "Gucci" Sears Marketplace is what came maybe and are two different things?? Although, each Gucci bag did indeed have a Sears item number... i'm skeptical.
  10. I just hung up with a person at and asked her if they were now selling their bags to Sears or Her answer was very diplomatic. She said the only legal distributors of their bags is: Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and I forgot the other. When I questioned her again about Milan Designer. She again said those stores were the only legal distributors. So, the next thing we have to do is check out whether or not Milan Designers is legit. They say their bags are authentic but so does the entire universe. It seems they sell their overflow to To be continued.
  11. Oh man I would love to know if they are legit or not
  12. Update: I just sent an email to Sears Marketplace. Sears explains that their marketplace gets things from outside distributors. I don't think they check to see if their merchandise is the real deal or not. I am investigating further! It just bothers me when a very reputable company like Sears sells premier designer bags. It waves a red flag as they are no where close to a premier market.
  13. Thanks for the updates.
  14. I noticed Sears here now has R&R jeans? Though I'm ASSuming it's the kohl's stuff...

    I guess it's possible; Sears here carries higher-end makeup, but bags seems like a stretch...

  15. good work bgaholic!

    Now how do we do that?? I see that someone else already reached out to sears. Can't wait to hear that response.