Gucci bags for fall

  1. Have any of you guys seen the fall bags? I was at the Gucci store at Americana Manhasset and was looking at some bags I never saw before. An SA came over to me and told me the bags I was looking at were the fall bags. Very different than Gucci bags in the past. The ones I saw were round in shape, all leather without any logos embossed on the leather, and they had GIANT Gs in the center of the bag. I guess it was the closure or something. I didn't actually ask the SA to take any of the bags down because they were :sick: :yucky: IMO. If you've seen the fall bags what do you think of them?
  2. I haven't seen them yet. Hmmmmmm.....they don't sound too appealing. I'll have to go check them out! Thanks for the info!
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