Gucci bag, what do you ladies think?

  1. So I have the chance to buy this bag from Off 5th Saks. Before tax, the bag is $500. Ever since mssmelanie posted her bag from the Glam collection, I have been in love. So what do you ladies think? Is it worth it? Should I get it?

    For some reason, photobucket is making my pictures so small.
  2. it's so small and facing the wrong way . . .
    what question are you asking?
  3. what are you asking please?
  4. I think she is asking what we think of it...LOL...hard to see it though
  5. last time she asked, it turned out to be an authenticity question. . . .I wanted to know so I can try and help.
  6. Ok! Nevermind! She must've edited her original post by inserting the question she's asking!
    I don't usually go back and re-read the original post if I'm following a thread this recent!
  7. Yea, I need a little better pics. I can't really get the detailing in those pics to give an informed answer and opinion.
  8. $500! That's fabulous deal on the larger bag! I think they normally go close to $1000.. My little one here was originally around $650 then marked to $398 then %50 off at Sak's in Bala Cynwyd! It was the one I posted about my $200 Gucci Bag. You should definitely go for it!

  9. I hope this might be bigger. For some reason, photobucket is taking my big pictures and making them smaller.

    Okay, it works. Just click on the picture and it will be made bigger.
  10. i love the hobo style, but am not a big fan of the print on this one. i think it's a lot nicer in the brown or black GG' mssmelanie's! but that's just me...go with what your heart tells you!!!
  11. That is why I am unsure....I dont know if I like the print more than the G's. I feel like I have seen this print or one like it at New York and Company or Express.
  12. then i think you should save your money for something you LOOOOOVE!!! :yes:
  13. You are right, I just want one and I dont want to wait. :smile: