Gucci bag repair

  1. I believe it cost about $150 to reattach all 4 handles.
  2. Really? I bought a belt bag and the clip broke within 6 months. I took the bag and my receipt to the store I bought it from and they still charged me $75 to repair it.
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    Hello gucci lovers out there ,, i just wanna ask your help about my gucci bag,, the snap hook of the other strap is missing and i tried to look for the snap hook that look exactly the same but i cant,, please help me??? i dont want to send it to gucci for repair coz i know its gonna be expensive.. heres the picture.. If anyone knows where can i buy a 3.1" brass snap bolt hook light gold color tone and the bolt is detachable from the eye..

    heres the link of pic,!/photo.php?fbid=4189395343335&set=a.4009668850285.167439.1538155554&type=3&theater
  4. bkp0 -- Any chance that you found out info/estimates/cost for repairing a 20+ yr old Gucci bag?

    I'm really disappointed in the quality. With my bag, it's the interior navy leather that has just sloughed off! I noticed it over 10 yrs ago, but didn't do anything about it because the handbag was given to me as a gift (before they gave gift receipts) so I don't have a receipt & the department store he bought it from -- Frost Bros ... had gone out of business:pullhair:

    Silly me -- I assumed Gucci would have a lifetime guarantee on their bags -- my Dooney & Bourke bags do ...and they weren't near the investment!

    My boyfriend at that time bought me this Gucci to replace mine of a similar size that was stolen at a nightclub.

    My bag is about the size of an Emily original GG canvas shoulder bag from the current collection. I stopped using it cuz it was too small, but after my 2nd child & back problems ... I went to pull it out because I needed a lighter purse. After carrying it for a couple of days, I had to remove all the contents which had turned a bit "blue". I was trying to figure out where the blue stuff under my nails was coming from. The purse is lined in really soft navy blue leather that had just started sloughing off:confused1:

    I expect more from Gucci

    And suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  5. My bag's leather on the handle was peeling off as well. I brought it to the Gucci Melbourne store and because it was still within the first year of purchase, they fixed it up for me for free. Only took about 2 weeks or so if I remember correct. Happy it came back looking brand new!!!

    But now I found there is a tiny hole on the canvas. :sad: wonder if it can be fixed. :sad:
  6. You could contact Gucci to see how much it would cost to have the bag re-lined. Also, Dooney no longer offers a "lifetime" warranty. From the Dooney and Bourke website - "We stand behind the durability of our products and offer an unconditional guarantee against any defects in craftsmanship for a full year of normal use."
  7. I don't think they can fix holes in the canvas. When I bought a canvas bag (hobo) from the boutique several years ago, they cautioned me not to wear it with a denim jacket, because if it rubbed against a rough seam and got a hole in it, they couldn't fix it.
  8. Thanks for the info kiss_p. I'll just have to make sure it doesn't get any bigger. Another issue I have is the colour of my darker jeans running onto the canvas. Any suggestions on how to prevent or fix this?