Gucci bag keeps being bought by fake hacked accounts

  1. :cursing: I am so so confused, I have listed a Gucci bag three times and have included a buy it now, three times accounts havd won it and I have then been sent an email from eBay saying that the account was basically hacked into and they have removed my listing and stopped the bidders account.

    Also, you know those annoying emails you get from dodgy people selling fakes on eBay through the ask a seller link, well I am getting emails to my email direct from other peoples emails trying to sell me fake bags etc, how do they have my email and why do these people keep bidding and winning my bag on hacked accounts, has anyone else had this happen? It's making me so so so mad!
  2. Just happened to me today. The kicker is that eBay won't let me relist it.
  3. So it's not just me then, I was worried someone had a personal vendetta against me, I wonder why on earth they are doing it unless it is to get personal info although I don't see how they can!
  4. This happened to me over the last two weeks, I listed a bag and it got bought by hacked accounts 3 times. It took me ages to relist it each time but for the final time...I dont think its worth me listing it again because it just keeps getting bought by hacked accounts.
  5. oops just submitted a post on this same thing. I've had this happen three days in a row!! 2x on the same Chloe bag and once on a Jimmy choo. It is really annoying!! All have done the BIN.
    They need to find a way to stop this!
  6. Wow, what will the scammers think of next.

    Rosie were your auctions BIN too?
  7. Arg! This happened to me, too! I was selling a bbag, and a fake/"hacked" account hit BIN and never paid. Then I got that same message from ebay saying I could relist, but I would have to start all over with my listing.

    Luckily, it sold the second time, but these "hacked" account buying things through BIN has got to stop!
  8. Just happened to me this morning, but mine wasn't BIN. I wonder what eBay is doing about this problem - it's obviously a huge issue. But, I'm not holding my breath for any resolution from them. I don't think I'm going to bother re-listing though.
  9. Hi, I sell & buy stuff on Ebay and lately I have been getting emails from buyers/sellers, but the emails are going to my paypal email address, not Ebay one (the ones that listing confirmations and questions go to) When you click on the link, it reroutes you to a place other than Ebay. Be careful it looks like there are hackers out there trying to steal log- in information. Because the screen asks you to log in, but the URL box (address box) has a strange non-secure address (http= not secure, https= secure), that ends with .edu (educational domain).
    I have also received multiple emails saying that my account is at risk, to log in really quick to authorize it. DO NOT do it! As far as I know Ebay does not do random audits.
    It is getting so hard to honestly buy or sell out there. It's a shame. :sad:
  10. The reason the hijackers do this is get your email address! As soon anyone buys anything from you, they have access to your email address because ebay sends it to them! That's why Rosie, you have been getting those spam emails in your email inbox and rather than you ebay inbox! The only way around this is to either require immediate payment, or don't set a buy-it-now.

    This has happened to me a few times, and it's so frustrating. I auctioning everything, which is annoying because you can't get the quick sale you're after with a buy-it-now.
  11. it happened to me the other month
  12. Just had another BIN on a bag and the buyer has 2 feedback. I know I will receiving an email stating that it's a "hacked" account. I'm going NUTS with all this! It seems like all of them are acounts with very low feedback.

    So if we do not do a BIN this will not happen?:confused1:
  13. Less likely to... coz all they want is your email address so they can spam you directly and not through ebay. Otherwise, just require people to pay immediately with paypal.

    It's not always the accounts with low feedback. People with high feedback have their accounts hacked into too. You can check legitimacy of your buyer by checking their buying history! If they've bought a lot of high end stuff on the same day, then chances it's a hijacked account.
  14. I don't get it....are you ladies doing the following?

    1. Require immediate payment with Buy-it-Now (do this in ebay, selling, selling preferences)
    2. Require payment from confirmed address in paypal (do this in account, profile, payment receiving preferences, confirmed addresses only)

    This way, if a scammer tries to BIN and doesn't pay right away, he doesn't win the auction. If he does try to pay with a fake paypal acct and have it sent to his address, it wouldn't go through and the listing will still be active.
  15. This Happened To Me Three Times This Week. I Am Sooooooo Made. I Contacted Ebay Today And They Said Thay Trust And Safety Is Trying To Fix The Propblem So Hackers Can't Do This. But I Contacted Them Cause I Want My Fvf And Listing Fees Back. $169 Is Alot And I Am Not Paying It. Well I Am Waiting For A Answer And See What Happens. I Feel Like Somebody Has Something Against Me And It Is Hurting My Buisness. Ughhhhhhh